Author Photograph - Art Photo


Born in Saint Malo, I still live in Britain in Vieux Vy sur Couesnon. I practice photography in black and white since the 70's.

Soon I went to the humanistic photography by the desire to meet, to know and set on the film all these people with whom I spent a wonderful time they were homeless in Rennes, political refugees in the homes of home, and since 1978 the gypsies that pass through our region.

Since 1994 through my profession as part of humanitarian missions, I began a story about Vietnam.

Whatever the subject, I remain classic use of black and white film to shoot. "Flexibility" of this support can address a variety of light environments and even in the extreme almost confidential in discreet, keeping the grainy texture, unique to each brand of film, when the image is reproduced on paper , fuss or ... you it silver inkjet!

The black and white film is still my best writing tool to fix the emotions experienced during those few years of reporting.

Winner of 2011 Ilford

Winner of 2014 Zimmer